Class Action

Class Action inspires action to end classism.

We provide a dynamic framework and create safe spaces for people from across the class spectrum to explore class and to identify and begin to dismantle classism.

To learn more about our work, view Class Action’s 2011 program update.

Through workshops, organizational consulting, printed and online resources, and public education, we:

  • help individuals develop class awareness and a class lens,
  • explore race and class intersections,
  • address class barriers and class privilege,
  • build bridges across the class divide, and
  • help institutions become more equitable,
  • promote economic justice.

We work directly with organizations and institutions to address class issues that undermine their ability to serve their constituents and fulfill their missions. We also hold open workshops for community members from diverse backgrounds to learn about the impact of class and classism on their individual lives, communities, workplaces, and organizing efforts. We focus our energy on high-impact, systemic change in key areas of critical influence:  education, philanthropy, race and class intersections, and social change.

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