Closing the Racial Wealth Gap to Build an Equitable Economy

Sunday, June 8th, 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM
Room 342

Our old economic model is broken, and the communities of color who have faced the worst impacts of our unsustainable and unjust system are quickly growing to become the new majority. The Great Recession destroyed half of all the wealth owned in black and Latino communities, and today the difference between the wealth owned by an average white family and that of a black or Latino family is the largest it’s ever been, and growing. These wealth inequities did not emerge by chance, they are the product of a deep history of discriminatory public policies that excluded people of color from wealth building opportunities. In this session, learn strategies to help advance your work to build wealth equitably, and engage in a thoughtful conversation of how the new economy movement can close the racial wealth gap and build a more equitable economy.

Collaborative live notes: